Episode Four: The Truth About Cats and Poop

  • Ashley Byrne on feeding animals to other animals and the alternatives
  • Susan Cosier answers my questions about answering other people’s questions
  • Dr. Patricia Conrad on Toxoplasma gondii, how it gets in cats and everyone else
  • Jeremy O’Brien takes me on a journey through landfill space and time
  • Matthew Mazzotta on art, community involvement and dog feces

Episode Three: The Exciting World of Newspaper Website Comment Section Posts

  • Harvey Harris wades into the cesspool of racial anger that is the Sun-Times website
  • Anonymous internet commenter ChubbyAlaskaGriz unmasked, sort of
  • Mark Pickering, Editor of The Pantagraph, on playing speech cop
  • Dr. Damien Smith Pfister on past revolutions in rhetoric and where we are now

Episode Two: How Good is Good Enough?

  • Dr. Felix Warneken on the evolutionary traces of generosity
  • Dr. Mark Wilhelm on how we learn to make the choices we make
  • Philosophy, et cetera’s Richard Chappell on how to do the most good

Episode One: Why Do You Care What Other People Think?

  • Jocelyn Kiley of the Pew Research Center on charting public opinion
  • Author and lecturer Laird Wilcox on the nature of political extremism